I’m not sophisticated.

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    1. I’ve been added to the friend’s list of a person (or perhaps a multiple virtual personality) who seems to demand sophistication. That user has already added and dropped me once in the past, so I’m just saving them some trouble by hinting why I’m not adding them as a mutual friend 🙂

      so, nothing happened really 🙂 was just in a mood for a statement 🙂


        1. well, I guess, the difference for me lies between involuntarily appearing sophisticated and claiming to be sophisticated… 🙂

          somehow sophistication has become a synonym of fakeness – don’t you find?

          i just like people simple and straightforward when possible… not stupid, of course, but not fancy either.


          1. i do know what you mean.
            in this particular case, the signifier “sophistication” is rather shallow, misleading, and pretensions.
            and so, it has nothing in common with simplicity and straightforwardness…

            forget it ! 🙂


    1. та ну вас, дівчата 🙂
      я тут просто влаштувала декларацію анти-моди, а ви мені отак на рівному місці компліментів навалили 🙂
      мені, звісно, приємно, але воно й справді незаслужено. 🙂


      1. ну я не про моду (бо мені тебе тут із-за комп’ютера не дуже-то й видно)
        я все більше про рівень спілкування:)


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