Sam’s notes (one day of work)

July 4, 2012, 6:00, Wed LSL

“Contraction” is the antynom of “expansion” indeed!

My rhythms now overall and long term are slanted downward as the technicals would say. My athleticism is such as to prevent me from slipping too fast whereas that kind of health before accentuated my ascent. “This weakness”, he would say hazily, that insists on coming back and making me feel feeble is surely the phen of aging. How can y be so slowly disintegrating? It is even lineate and time-taking/making? A heart attack out of the blue that kills in a minute or two is death writ large but not usually as a part of aging. Aging is only dying in the last few months perhaps, and thus is a mode of living and thence fecundity + geneses even if so degenerate + decadent in so many ways (How about that N? + what would y have said about it? and what afterall did you tell us about your sickness?) David Byrne grey haired singing “Once in a lifetime” … “into the blue again/ water flowing underground”. with all his magic like an evangelist. Frogs loudly [незрозуміле слово] on the opposite sides of the lake. A haze this morning that sits well up into the yet cloudless sky. The mystique of it suddenly begins perhaps as the height of the sun has energized this thick, and the air indeed stirs as it will.

Notebooks full of lasts gasp?

Qui’ette starts to sound for + of me, as if only now, 2 days later, does the noisesome of the 1st of July weekend dissipate. How long are these apparent happeningeds, + how lengthy their dissolution for us humans ec-specie-ally. How we drag things out in the amazing length of our temporality and have to slowly gather back even the fastest. Even our almost lightning fast peak activities + experiences are relished for days + weeks like athletic or political victories or those of flashes of authenticity eh Hd. Is that part of our global layer that serves this new Earth phase. “We have a long memory,” and it gets us into trouble as much as lays out our greatness, like tribal vengence, regressive complexes + fixations, over-ambitious plans. Are we what bring history to the whole of the Earth, to our now mostly domos-treated animals Are we the bio-memes that contribute to the panta this tincture + element of longevity, length of temporal-inity? Thus, it is not just networking and global village culturation, not just out binding together spatiality round the Globe, for our glob-ularity is mostly at work in the way we integrate everything into our burgeoning (future-growing) past, how we continually try to gather everything together via our temporalinestness. Other life form, (species of Earth’s livinged layers? (Bergson!?)) are indeed more in the present presentingeds and thus “immediate” (H) and that is perhaps why it is so hard for us to even conceive what is the present, the in-animate and in-human. That too is why our work on learning how to be + come (with all out historical techno-baggage) into the present is “the same” as learning to be indigenous, more natural, Earthy (vs heavenly spiritual). Afterall, the key background of this quest is my long often arduous past of working on the pastness of our longest past, [незрозумілo]-culture’s 40 000 year [незрозумілo]-gathering to draw it all back into our own most and specific indrawing integrity, itificatious ever reiterated but with that odd ever selective (evaluationed-emotive) testing + chosing of what should be kept and what discarded. That the work of gene-sis of the human species not of gene + RNA formations as it is in the primacy of the present.

Perhaps, as my detailed meme-ing gets weaker, it opens me more broadly to the past’s ancient forms that are what our “group memory” is primarily about. Is that where the wisdom of elders originates, in the sense of the well-integrated instead of the over-detailed work of the young who mostly have to sort out their own particularity (and contribute to this human-memory that is now becoming global by imprinting it techno-historically on ev-erything, all-the-rest, even to the extent of genetically engineering or just structuring the determinative habitat of all other life and elementalities as well. We think it is selfish and too androcentric in the old aggressive historical way. But our seemingly unstoppable absession science + technologies, “knowledge” as an end in itself (which is really just ever more integrative provisional systems of group self-gathering back) seems almost destined to help the lineatures, linastique qualities, of Earth (+ thence our local universe-cosmos) deepen + extend themselves in this bizarrly human way of being-line “aller ligne”. Temporality, however, is not just one among many properties or formal qualities of humanity, nor its essence but just the cognitive expression of this biomorphism, distinctive lineature of the human but as a minor + brief mod-ification and genetic/speciefication of naturalinity itself, of the plethora of life’s aeonta-logoi, aeonlinea of all types of be-ing-ed, of the waters, minerals, gases too. And cognition itself is just the thinnest edge of this thinnest pellicle that helps bind Earth’s body in the spherical spatiality that is equally into the depths of temporality. I.e. space + time are so primordial for us (the K’s spatial schematizing forms) because of our line’s temporal distinctiveness, (as M-P + Hd tried to show) Furthermore, space is on the side of our extension (expansionality) eh Decs and time our immanence (Eh K + Hus + Hd) or interriority (contraction as endocontractability). It is the long invertedness of our past’s capacities for in gathering localization (+ their spawning of the other ecstasies that enable spaciation of all, earthy interiority that enables skyey exteriority Yes, but the length of pulling back and organ-izing internally (“in Cs”) is derived from the tension that preexists in the present as the waters that must always preceed + make possible this human division of earthy-water and sky-waters, time + space, past + future. It’s our G_d who did it + on behalf of his chosen species (and that is the truth of Hds pairing them in the Geviert)(and even allowing e+s to be on the other poles (as they must fall out of the unity of human Earthlineness. But not in cultural things only.))). We are the ones who splay past + future out like a huge opening swamp flower. But the past is not just another form or perspective transparently projected onto the preexistent things, but a substantial of being re-lay-ted to, in line with them (specie-ingeds that antically e-de-volve out of each other, each ‘it’ being of the ‘all’). Everything is an écart of the present but one species’ écart has such a distinctive way of lengthening it via ‘memory’ but as active retro-integrations of “one+all” as humans as much as localizing geographical environments, these loons too remember this lake to return to and integrate their life using the past’s styles of integration + organization. All animals + life forms ‘learn’, also acquire habits and patterns (which are also mostly publicly accessible to their [незрозуміло]) ever reorganizing the givens (aeontologoi/aeontolinie) that are given to us all. But one of these givens is now the historical de-e-velopment of the human (Yes, M-P/Hd/M, we are distinctive because we are historical but that ” ness is just a variation on the lineality of it all, everything else, and that builds itself continually on that base a variation-en-[незрозуміло], at work, ever in the making + in a way that is reciprocal with that from which it distinguishes itself. Ie Species + “Genus difference” of the Aks overaccentuated the difference and + didn’t see that differencing is contributory to what it differ entiates itself from, part of the latters [незрозуміло] and the tensions + torsions its own ever-ongoing speculation must deal with (its habitat).)

A run-on sentence eh?
Script chasing the vision, the thought, eh
Like violinist the music.
Caught a wave, a wind, a path….
a glint off the face of one of the great diamond’s aspects.

The haze is now thin low wiffs of cloud
Already building into higher more solid ones.

The whole of the expance is contracted into our grip.

7:35 x

8:35 long break to try and digest that e-vent.
“Same as it ev-er was, Same as it ever was.”

These clouds come from the earth not the sky, sky gaining itself through a physical dialectic with earth and earth enbalancing itself through ex-pressing itself on this lower layer of sky.

The pits into which I seemed to sink even more yesterday with that feebleness than the prior day provided me with the depth I needed to spring so far + wide this morning. Same old story, but the narrative requires that one get lost in the immediate plots and puzzles. But where then am I now? I can dance again easily when it was so clumpy yesterday and indeed I’ll dare go for a swim at the pool. However, I’m restored to those flagrant strengths I would have had even last year at Depranos + even more in Naxos. Those strengths + bouyancies where I indeed dance but “over everything” (N) + with my verbal “rainbow budger” providing the lacework that holds together everything that is “eternally apart” have gone into a past self and are now only distant + weak versions of themselves. “The inevitability of it all” eh? Can’t be evaded, eh but it’s a full part of the line of life and must slowly fade, must have a denouement, for the line must stretch even when winding down.

So, now I’m back at thoughtful feelingful state and that’s where July + August here are meant to be even if its tone is more level than the higher flying ones I aimed for previously when I was still a pers-onne, citizen, with duties + hopes for a family that would also be fed by this meeting with Aletheia. “Lucidity” was thus necessary, because it was thereby still very public and socially serving But now… there can even be those times of dullness + tiredness which indeed increase as I seek to make home rather in nature + as an Earthline.

< How come y didn't notice before via 'earthine/earthing/eathline(g) that 'thing' is equally the-ing (able), thus, the-ling/the-line [незр.] 'the' as idendifiable and and artculated ligne? Anything that ings is an act-iv-ity that is within its action and continues it and, thus, is a ling/line. Sing is to sung as line is to long.
To ring is to have (avoir) rung as to lineate is to have become long.
Lingu-istics is similarly that art of catching things on the run and letting them settle as words already ran.
Words become words, mere fore words and back words. like living interactive speech becomes spokens (parole parlées eh M-P), libraries like museums of the dead and dieing past not the livinged one still engrossed in its own gathering motions while gathered to others around + ahead. Lines become linear, geometrized.

It's 9:15 and that rising wave of tiredness councils me to rest – [незр.]

Y’don’t have time for the usual good things, y say, S’m but what’s here that has priority + how come y’can only give it 5 or so hours a day? What charms, tantalizes and se’duces you here? What in the deep greens sing like sirens, then in the blues then the lovely liquidity of water? What is It that y’want to become, come to, at least spend time courting + arduously? What waits here even in this heat of 30°+ Why does she keep wanting you here, tempting away all the other ways to get lost. Am I really one of the few left, as I often found with o’thers, especially the hemline? The sexual analogies are close to this way one blends + withdraws with + by any lay-er.
The eroties lead nonetheless to the befuddlements of emotion and thus to enigma + erotetics.

Finally, a bit of cloud gives me a little relief. But it soon dissipates and I’m driven to seek shelter of these trees earth shade and have to give up the breadth of the dock. But here the wind burbles in my ears, murmurs the lines of everything.

There is a line of something, a vien or a layer here that wants my at-tention (bei its particular quality of tenicity/tenacity). It has to do with some kind of releasement on my part, renewal
Is it connected to the mystery of this fiable that departs after a hard 1/2 hour swim in the pool? That question too lingers about on the perifery (peri-ferres, this quasi-metallic flows that come from the ” like ex-peri-ences do). It’s telling me I can choose life over those first indications of death? to not relent to these typicalities of aging but gather it into your uni-que-ness as y have the whole life? Can y live up to your charisma and height – depth vertically? Can y continue to dialogue with It, its e+s, allerdings pants as Earth, become a much needed locale for its wild spins of fecundity that are on the verge of a re-(d-e)volution?

Feel it out S’m after these step #1 questions at the #2 styled b.h.

– It’s 4 after a 15 min #2 and I yawn with the coffee time hour and the heat but will try to follow out some of its leads.

If attunedness to nature is a primordial + fleshy as that of sociality, then we are viscerally bound + acoustically to the natural attitudes around us, like this heat climax of summer, its dryness to the green + its susceptibility to fire + lightning. But it is not just the curent environment but the breadth + depth of Earth that our organs have been aligned with from their primordial start. This is bass kind of alertness that lets me become viscerally (-> emotionally, physically – motorily …. and most of all perceptually) attuned. No wonder I have to slow down so much to sense it… and that too contributes to the fiablement. < This tired + weak feebleness indeed results from the hard work of becoming thus attuned every day and live learnt to give it all my 'energy', dūnamism, creativity, enthusiasm + vitality. But it is deeper that just physic exhaustion and more like a lowering of the water table + to dangerous levels for its denizens in order to lay things bare.

Its all there in perception as usual but today I might have learnt that the ” present needs be understand via the immensity of contracting depths that then spread out that which can then at-tract us …. only in so far as we remain in-tact on our locale self-or-gan-izing track + the tracts of the world it opens up (But these trans..als were formed initially by such con-tacts and in the ever more specific + varied attractions + tactfulness of the environs and o’theres.) Perception’s I’m-mediacy is its ancient aeontic mediations and ” is never alone in bodyful life even for the dementia of the painter that loves the way the sinuous fibrilla of vision contain their interdependencies with practical life + the other senses, especially the social-emotional.

N’at-ures [= near at turations (tourées)]

Mouvement is qua’litative not quantitative as K et al assumed. The primordial is movement, mobilitée, and thus all that is is a variation on this primal field (waters). The lovingeds that arise between e+s destin ctive moments where new particulars are ‘created’ as the new perspective, localization of the ple-thora, is needed as a variation on the old. On-ta, entities, th-lings, are possibilizingeds as it [незр.] via their particularity of the all that has been + remains around and promises more dimensionality + variety in the future (capacity to vary what is already there in their inheritance). I’m on the move and a good part of my function is to localize via my dis-tinctive position’ among it all, what is also self-localizing around me, to refresh it all in my youth (and loose its essential confluencies that were tied in the present in which it was borne) Set into motion and one that is always particularized by its birth, natale en-corpor-ation + embodiment of its con-temporaries, kin. E+s are not themselves one type of motion but what motion is, the stretching joining of the self-incorporating and self-diffusing, the lingthening between the outermost + innermost; the beyond + ahead of itself as well as the behind and ever trying to catch itself caught. Flat out in the rush of (every)things, all allinged like mad (Dionysian) but never fully captivated as the risk must ever be at-tenu-ated by its un-contra-vert-able particular ingatheringness, ever back at least to that vaguely delimited beginning, natality, where its position, stand, naiscent locale was founded (gefundet).

Besides, I’m amazed to see that wraps up about 2 hours >

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