Про імена і ніки, про богинь

Розмова про імена і ніки на ФБ з Mink Slaughter:

Mink Slaughter
Stealing Milady DeWinter’s question. Are you comfortable with your given name? Would you change it if it was easy and free to do so? What name would you pick?
I’d pick Natasha.. Margaret Ann Resin wanted to call me Natasha, but my dad obstinately fought her on the choice.

Mar’yana Svarnyk Yea, never liked my name… Wouldn’t like “Natasha” for obvious (for any Ukrainian-speaking Ukrainian) reasons. Іut i could pick out a nice “ukrainian” name for you :))). By the way, the Ukrainian colloquial version of that N-name is “Natalka”. It doesn’t particularly suit you though…

Mink Slaughter What name would you pick for yourself Mar’yana Svarnyk?

Mar’yana Svarnyk I have an indian nick-name I’ve used for years now for blogging – candrika (phonetically speaking in English chandrika would make more sense but i refuse to anglify sanskrit transliteration). I’ve also used Persephone for a while, but that’s a character, rather than just a name. What normal name would you call me, since you are dishing out?

Mink Slaughter Minerva.

Mar’yana Svarnyk No, really? How do you even pronounce that in English? :)))

Mink Slaughter I don’t know enough Indian names, but that was the first place my mind went. Then it settled on Minerva. I thought of Athena first, but settled on the former. But that’s only because I confused it with the Greek over the Roman, so I’m actually going to have to go with Athena, my first choice.

Mar’yana Svarnyk I could easily live with Athena, but, you are right, Minerva in the original Latin pronunciation sounds better. Still having trouble with the English version though… :)))

Mink Slaughter Actually, no, I got confused and second-guessed myself. I thought Athena first, but picked Minerva because I decided that was the Greek. But my first choice, Athena, is what I want to go with. It sounds more kick ass anyway.

Mar’yana Svarnyk It’s the other side of Persephone, you know?

Mink Slaughter Demeter is the other side of Persephone … at least in my mind.

Mar’yana Svarnyk no, Demeter is the mother-character. Both Persephone and Athena are “daughter” characters, both were sort of separated from their mother, same father. Athena is light, Persephone is darkness, at least symbolically, for a third of the year. Both extremely dignified and powerful. Both childless.

Цікаво, що на одному феміністському сайті http://earlywomenmasters.net/demeter/ який знайшов Кербасі, де є гімн до Деметри в оригіналі і з англійський перекладом, і багато всяких картинок, улюблена Семова Пеплофорос проінтерпретована як Персефона. Вона стоїть на Акрополі, в храмі Афіни, але, в якомусь сенсі, (так вважав Сем), хоч і приносить Афіні жертву, чи дар, чи данину, але робить це субверсивно, на відміну від інших скульптур, лівою рукою, а не правою – вказуючи таким чином на землю, архаїку, темряву, і т.д., тобто нагадуючи про до-класичні, до-Афінівські “цінності”. Може згодом запощу уривок з Семової книжки.


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