Egg myths

Let’s see how this blogging in English works…

When I was small, apparently, I loved eggs so much that would only want to eat eggs and nothing else. My mother was concerned (it was believed that excessive egg consumption is not good for children). So she told me that if you eat more than two eggs a day, you become a chicken. This story somehow surfaced in my memory about ten or fifteen years ago, I don’t think anybody knew it besides the two of us, she died 27 years ago. I don’t think it made me scared or even concerned about eggs, maybe at that age a perspective of becoming a chicken was perceived as humorous rather than dangerous.
When I was telling this story few years ago to my “brother” Andrei in Calgary, I finished it by saying that I still do love eggs in most possible forms, which made him very concerned, and, being a doctor, he suggested that I don’t eat more than a couple eggs per week. That was sad…
If you are an egg lover like me, there is a good news for you. Andrei’s wife, also a doctor and studying naturopathic medicine, just told me that the eggs have recently made it from the no-no into a yes-yes list regarding cholesterol. Apparently, the bad cholesterol, which they do contain, is not absorbed by us from the food we eat (so they are not considered harmful any more), and they contain other useful stuff besides cholesterol.
So, don’t stop yourself any longer if you feel like having eggs, unless, of course, you are concerned about becoming a chicken…

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