IMG_4053About me

I meditate, and I’m writing a PhD thesis on Heidegger’s notion of holy and divine, I am Ukrainian, I like Indian classical music.  If you only read English, you can filter out non-English posts by choosing “English” in the top menu, or clicking here: English. The English-speaking part of this blog used to be almost exclusively about philosophy, other posts were mainly in Ukrainian, but this is changing as of the beginning of 2015. By the end of 2015 I expect most of the new blog posts to be in English, and it is quite possible that I will also translate from Ukrainian some of my old posts which I think are worth reading and might interest someone who is not Ukrainian.

The thematic categories in the menu are not exclusive, sometimes two or even three of them will overlap in one single post. A few words about them:

Meditation – I have been practicing sahaja yoga meditation since the beginning of 2006. I have started writing the blog (it used to be on a different platform) just after I started meditating, and the nickname, under which the blog used to be written, candrika, was a tribute to my then newly found meditation experience. The posts in this category are not exclusively about the technique of meditation itself, they also have to do with the experiences of our community, lifestyle and the culture.

Phenomenology – these are my “professional” posts that have to do with philosophy, with the things I’m reading, with what I’m writing about in the dissertation, with the concepts, methodological remarks and observations, occasionally also with what we work on in class with the students (I work as a teaching assistant at University).

τέχνη μακρή – this is a Greek version of the phrase that we mostly heard of in Latin, Hippocrates says it at the beginning of a medical text, conventionally it is taken to mean that art last for a long time, as opposed to life, which is short, but it could also mean that an art takes long time to master. The posts in this category are about art, mostly visual art and music, but also about other beautiful things.

Old times – this was a series of posts about childhood, growing up, past experiences, I don’t think any of these posts were in English, and it is not very likely that the new ones, if they come up, will be in English. Though, you never know…

Everydayness – this is a miscellaneous category, about daily things that happen, this and that.

I do appreciate comments and questions, they often inspire me to develop a theme, or to write about things I would otherwise not write about. Part of the reason why I am switching from writing mainly in Ukrainian to writing mainly in English is the feed-back I got from English-speaking people. So if you find something interesting or puzzling in this blog, something worth talking about or worth questioning, please do not be shy and speak up. 

When it comes to the posts on Philosophy, I do not always declare, when I am posting what was written by others, rather than by myself (those posts, when not obvious, would be tagged differently than others, but you likely won’t be able to tell), so ask me if you have questions.

Про мене

Українську частину цього блогу було майже повністю перенесено сюди з жж, де я писала під ніком candrika, в березні 2014, через війну. Я пишу про медитацію (і те, що її якимось боком стосується), про феноменологію (в основному Heidegger, і трохи Merleau-Ponty), часом про якісь мистецькі штуки і не до кінця мистецькі теж (як от писанки), всякі спогади про минуле, ну і трохи просто про життя.

Щоб не доводилося читати все під ряд, порозділяла пости, в т.ч. старі, за категоріями, заходьте через верхнє меню, якщо вам так краще. Останнім часом багато постів по-англійськи, з часом буде ще більше. Якщо вас цікавлять лише україномовні пости – вибирайте категорію Ukrainian. І питайте, звичайно, якщо щось цікавить.

Ага, і ще, при імпорті більшість фотографій і відео пропали, також полетіли всі жж-лінки, я їх поступово виправляю, коли натрапляю на дірки, але якщо ви десь наткнетеся і свисните мені, то я буду дуже вдячна і виправлю швидше.

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