Eggs vs. Diss and other new year resolutions

Two days ago I got in mail a whole bunch of natural dyes that are normally used for fibres or fabrics (wool, silk, cotton), and I’m dying to try out dyeing eggs with them (did you like the pun, did you like the pun???). But then, on the other hand, there is the Damocles’ sword of the diss hanging over me, and if I dive into eggs, it’s never going to be finished, because eggs are so easy and fun, in fact, this is why I didn’t do any eggs last Easter season (but did sneak in two just before Christmas, because I wanted to make a gift).

So here’s the brilliant (or not) idea I’ve got: I read somewhere that one of the best ways to break out of procrastination cycles with overwhelming projects is to find an appealing way to reward yourself for the progress with something you really really like. So, I will try to use the eggs to facilitate the diss. That is, I will reward myself with making an egg or two only after having made some quantifiable progress with the diss – say, edited 10 more pages, or written 5 more new pages, or something like that. I’ll have to work out the numbers in the process, I guess…

I wonder whether this will actually work or not :). But I think the plan has a great potential.

I’ll probably also create a separate blog just to document my egg experiments.

Here are a chicken and a rhea egg I made two weeks ago, and did not show yet. The chicken (first photo) was the practice run on a brown egg for the rhea – the big pale yellow (second and third photo), hence almost the same pattern in both. The pattern on the chicken is almost 100% traditional (except the colors and colouring pattern), and in the rhea was slightly adjusted.


IMG_0189 IMG_0174

Another resolution is to keep up the music – I’ve gotten a good amount of practice (actually better than anything I ever managed to do on my own without any “group projects” in a long time, or maybe ever) from mid September till the beginning of December. But next three months my work schedule is going to interfere a lot with the “morning practice” I had in the fall, so I wonder how that will work out.

Add to that the double workload (factually it will probably be even more than double) I have this term compared to the last term, and another lunchtime meditation program in the new company, and the conclusion is this: unless I only do these 5 things (work, diss, meditation, eggs, music) over the next three months, and absolutely no other distractions or side-projects, something will have to give, and since I can’t cut the necessary stuff (work, dyss and meditation programs), I would have to cut the fun and inspiring stuff (eggs and music).

So, Happy New Year resolutions! 🙂

Internet security

Ну і заодно, раз тут зі всіх моїх каналів прокрастації цей лише увімкнутий – гуголь плюс приніс вчора лінк на дуже цікаву статтю Соросівської компашки. Стаття про те, хто за нами слідкує коли ми в інтернеті розслабляємося (і не тільки), і колекціонує наші дані. Так от, крім загальновідомого про гуголь-фейсбук-твітер цікавий момент в статті пише про те, що наші заходи на українську правду (якщо такі є) відбуваються через Рашу, відповідно, коли ми заходимо туди, Раша збирає наші дані (очевидно, що не задурно теж). Тобто зовсім не обов’язково мати жж, фкантактє чи лазити на домейн .ру, щоб зебезпечувати роботою бійців невидимого фронту. Взагалі цікаво би було якби хтось надійний промоніторив і опублікував результати того, які ще в нас типу ЗМІ продають наші дані сусідам з якими війна, ну і ще би СБУ вияснила, чи це в них від тупості, чи від хитрості.

Осьо лінк:

Там ще в статті є лінки на всякі тулзи, але з настройками загально-світогого, а не нашого локального значення. Все це англійською, звичайно

Львівський ангел

З трубою – то може й Гавриїл? 


В новій квартирі повісила його на вікно, нагадує мені про дім і людей які його мені подарували… Хай в них все буде гаразд…

Egg myths

Let’s see how this blogging in English works…

When I was small, apparently, I loved eggs so much that would only want to eat eggs and nothing else. My mother was concerned (it was believed that excessive egg consumption is not good for children). So she told me that if you eat more than two eggs a day, you become a chicken. This story somehow surfaced in my memory about ten or fifteen years ago, I don’t think anybody knew it besides the two of us, she died 27 years ago. I don’t think it made me scared or even concerned about eggs, maybe at that age a perspective of becoming a chicken was perceived as humorous rather than dangerous.
When I was telling this story few years ago to my “brother” Andrei in Calgary, I finished it by saying that I still do love eggs in most possible forms, which made him very concerned, and, being a doctor, he suggested that I don’t eat more than a couple eggs per week. That was sad…
If you are an egg lover like me, there is a good news for you. Andrei’s wife, also a doctor and studying naturopathic medicine, just told me that the eggs have recently made it from the no-no into a yes-yes list regarding cholesterol. Apparently, the bad cholesterol, which they do contain, is not absorbed by us from the food we eat (so they are not considered harmful any more), and they contain other useful stuff besides cholesterol.
So, don’t stop yourself any longer if you feel like having eggs, unless, of course, you are concerned about becoming a chicken…